Tuesday, October 3, 2017

South of Salinas, Ecuador, warm breezes and golden sand are soft along wide stretches of la playa. If you are not hypnotized by the gentle waves or by scanning the distance to catch a glimpse of the occasional breach, fluke, or spout from passing whales, remember to look up. You just might find danger passing overhead in the form of Blancos Gigantes, also known as Albatros Ondeado. 

As the sign says at the visitor center at La Chocolatera -- "The waved albatross is the largest flying seabird in Ecuador, measuring 89 centimeters long, with a wingspan that can reach up to 240 centimeters...this species is in danger of extinction." If you do look up, it will be an experience you won't forget. I hope these majestic birds will always be with us on this remarkable place called Earth.

Albatross Near The Sun

Albatross Follow The Leader

Albatross in Formation

Albatross Information

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