Friday, April 21, 2017

Trees Come Down 
One From High River Water, Others Proactively

In Cuenca, Ecuador - high river water undermined the roots of an eucalyptus tree overnight, causing it to fall across a roadway bridge onto utility lines. Luckily it fell at a late hour when there was no traffic so it didn't hit any cars. A work crew had to figure out how to remove the tree from the wires and get it off the bridge. To prevent future incidents like this, the crews also proactively removed another group of trees. A crew member climbed the trees to tie a rope high up so another man could pull it in the direction they wanted it to fall. Crew members also scurried across the river on the fallen trees to get things ready. Everything that fell into the river they then had to use a truck to pull out of the river, cut it all up, and then load for removal.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Waiting for my fajitas at a roadside restaurant in the countryside a half hour out of Cuenca, 
I notice a photo on the wall with the caption -- "Solo Borracho o Dormido, se me olvida lo JODIDO."

solo borracho o dormido

Translation --- "Just drunk or asleep, I forget how fucked up."