Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gavilán (Hawk) Holds Perfect Still Position in Cajas Sky
Look carefully near center of frame -- a hawk, silhouetted against the high white clouds, holds perfect position in the sky without a single flap of a wing. After observing the landscape below for a while, this master of the skies smoothly glides off. Recorded in the Cajas National Park in Ecuador.

The corn and quinoa are high in Cuenca.

corn stalks


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Drive in the Countryside
Just outside Cuenca is the beautiful countryside of Ecuador. Out in nature, it's easy to connect with the cycles of life. On this day, that cycle also included coming across a funeral procession.

Valley Beyond the Fog

Entrance to where?

Low clouds in the distance

View by the road

Which way to go?

Funeral Procession

The next valley

Horses in the field

A dog welcoming party

View from the driveway

A valley beyond the roof

Nothing but nature

Grassy slope

The life of a cow

Beyond the old fence

 Chicken run