Monday, October 31, 2016

Walking Cuenca is the best.
Forget the car.

With so much to see 
and interesting people to meet,
why would anyone want to sit in traffic?

Relax and spend the day
touring the city and its parks.
Sample the cafes and restaurants
or dip into a bakery or tienda.

Be another
one of the pedestrians
strutting your stuff.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

WTFlyingF! Wikipedia on Google gets it right!
For over an hour on Sunday night when you googled "pathological lying" the following appeared. This was not a hack of Wikipedia because the photo did not appear anywhere on the Wikipedia page when you clicked their link. Instead, the photo was fed by Google and their "featured snippet block." Since it is well known the leaders of Google favor this candidate, no doubt there is a frenzied investigation going on for the culprit responsible at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California. Let's hope the culprit remains...Anonymous.

pathological lying

Front Row Seats Behind the Wheel
When the stoplights turn red, the show begins for street performers in Cuenca, Ecuador. This performer was switching between the two streets to entertain motorists coming and going.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Teamwork in Cuenca
Five workers under the hot equatorial sun use teamwork to lay down an intricate brick pattern for a new sidewalk. 
In the video at this point, they've already finished a half of mile of beauty -- but there's a lot more to go. 
And I bet they don't even have a 401k.

Breakup in Cuenca

It's a sad story, one that most people turn away from. And yet, it's right out in the open on a city street. 
It's not a new story but it drives its way home with pathos no matter how many times we've heard it before.
A man and a woman. There once was love. But most of that is torn away now. 
All that remains is a fragmented memory of a time when everything was complete and bright between them...

Man and Woman Torn Billboard

Next time you're walking by a construction site in Cuenca, stop and take a look at the protective border fence. Some who do may only see panels of wood littered with posted bills -- but others will find their story there, for all to see.
Who knew ducks were political?!
When the river is running a bit lower, the edges of the stream recede, revealing a rocky bottom. This normally unseen landscape is a treasure hunter's goldmine -- not for any diamond rings or Susan B. Anthony dollar coins awaiting recovery, but for a goldmine in messages written on the rocks. These messages are only visible at the few times the river runs low enough to expose them. So treasure hunters, keep an eye on the rivers of Cuenca -- you never know what valuable gem of a scrawl you might find to enrich your day!

Graffiti on rock on riverbed
"United Ducklings Drinking Water!"

...And just in case you're hungry and were wondering, here's directions to the Egg Man.

Huevo Man

Love Graffiti
A Popular Expression in Cuenca

Love Graffiti
"I love you as a friend, look at you as a friend, and a day without thinking you love me...
I love Karol!"

The Russians Are Coming!
The Russians Are Coming!
Truck Ad for Russian Circus
Russian Circus in Cuenca during Celebration of Independence!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hillary is Mad

Whether Trump means it or not is kind of irrelevant because he’s saying the things to people who are hurting. And it’s why every beaten-down, nameless, forgotten working stiff who used to be part of what was called the middle class loves Trump. He is the human Molotov cocktail that they’ve been waiting for, the human hand grenade that they can legally throw into the system that stole their lives from them. So on November 8th, the dispossessed will walk into the voting booth, be handed a ballot, close the curtain and take that lever, or felt pen, or touch screen and put a big fucking X in the box by the name of the man who has threatened to upend and overturn the very system that has ruined their lives: Donald J. Trump. They see that the elites, who ruined their lives, hate Trump. Corporate America hates Trump. Wall Street hates Trump. The career politicians hate Trump. The media hate Trump. The enemy of my enemy is who I’m voting for on November 8th. Trump’s election is going to be the biggest ‘Fuck you’ ever recorded in human history. And it will feel good.
                                                                                                   --Michael Moore

We all need to be inclusive and multi-cultural.
I wonder when Shariah Law will come to Ecuador.

Shariah for East and West

Monday, October 24, 2016

Is Hillary Republican?
After seeing more and more examples of the intelligence level of the American voter, I am glad to be a permanent resident of another country.

Top Trending Questions on Hillary

Sunday, October 23, 2016

ECU-911 is Hiring
The 911 service in Cuenca has a few jobs they need to fill.  Over 4,500 people showed up to take the test and apply.
To put that in perspective for extranjeros norteamericanos, that would be like 37,000 people showing up for a job posting in Chicago. 
As in so many places in the world, the real emergency is job creation.

ECU-911 Applicants Line Up
ECU-911 Applicants Line Up

Felicitaciones a la nueva reina de Cuenca!

Queen of Cuenca
Domenica Coboo

Saturday, October 22, 2016

You call it a wall. I call it a fence.
A wrong is still wrong no matter what you call it or when the wrong was committed. If our leaders can't be consistent in their morality, they shouldn't be our leaders. If our activists can't be consistent in their outrage, then they are less than useful idiots.

Secure Fence Act of 2006

Secure Fence Act of 2006 Section 3

2006 Secure Fence Act

Secure Fence Act of 2006 Vote

Secure Fence Act of 2006 Obama Vote

Secure Fence Act of 2006 Biden Vote
Vote Defended

We must not put up with these racist, xenophobic programs and the morally bankrupt people who support them. We must rally to stamp out the wrong anywhere we find it. As Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently said -- "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

No more hypocrisy of fawning over the same racist symbols that we demand never happen on this planet. If walls and fences are not right and do not work, then erase the idolization of them. To further this cause and send a strong, symbolic message to the world, we need to petition the United Nations to lobby all nations to demolish the ultimate symbol of this racist, xenophobic mindset. 

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

To make an even stronger statement of our moral principles, we should deny support to those nations who pursue the same racist, xenophobic practices. The injustices we would not allow to happen to our fellow world citizens who are near to us geographically we should never tolerate with world citizens anywhere. No more money until the immorality stops.

Great Wall of Israel
 US Military Aid

But this is not enough. We must always think globally but act locally. To really live our principles and set a "walk your talk" example for our children, we must immediately outlaw neighborhood fencing. What we don't put up with at the national level we must never submit to at home. The barriers between people must come down!

Child at fence

No Cedula? No Problem!
Just do what they do in the United States...

Arrangement Finders

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Who's Playing With The Toys?
A father shows his children the proper way to play with the toys,
although I think the kids would like to find out for themselves.

Art Walk in Cuenca - there is a formal, organized art walk in Cuenca that is very nice. This post is not about that. Que lastima. This post is about the on-going art walk that is available anytime to anyone -- who walks. Walk into a tienda, stroll into a restaurante, meander down a calle, peruse the free museums and there is art to see throughout the city. Some of the art is framed, some is sprayed, others are desperately political, other pieces are delicately composed from many individual pieces, some art is in the wondrous variety of architectures in the buildings, some is in the arrangement of pieces in an atmospheric setting, some is yet undiscovered like an antique horse carriage languishing in the overgrown grassy section of a parking lot. Some of the art is well maintained, others are a jumble of disrepair and the abuse of time and the tension of overlapping and competing expressions has become its own chaotic masterpiece, some are marvelously intricate, others manage unique detail with one simple line. Some is surprising like a real shrunken head while others blend into the landscape. So take a walk. The art walk in Cuenca is always available, day or night - no art walk map needed. In fact, part of the fun is the unexpected encounter. You can even consider your walk a form of performance art - one in which your day is the rich and rewarding canvas.

Boy y sandia

Lucha Social

Mosaic of person on horseback

Smoking a stogie

B. G. Sojos Edificio

Shrunken Head

Stick Carving

One-Line Clown

Old horse carriage

Winged Mosaic

Third Eye

Dragon with glass to drink

Piano arrangement

Jumbled wall art

New Cathedral

Red Wall Spray

Public Notice Board

Side of building art

Los Capulies

Apartments by River Tomebamba

Religious Mural

Nice Greenery Art

Artful setting of park, sky, trees, and architecture

Art Atrium

Woman on Wall

Four paintings on a wall

Blindfolded smoker

Roses in an artful resturant

San Blas Church

Long colorful wall

Hole to another universe

Simple dog sketch